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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Quick Tip: Make Your Own Stitch Marker

Amigurumi is often done in continuous or spiral rounds of single crochets, so it's really important to clearly mark the first stitch of each round to know when you're done with one round and when to move on to the next.
There are many different ways to mark your stitch:
Makeshift stitch markers
Free / Almost free options:
-Safety pins
-Paper clips
-Short piece of strap yarn, preferably of a different colour so it's easier to see
See an explanation of how to place your yarn as a stitch marker (which in this case, doubles up as a row marker too!)

Source: Clover USA 
Paid options:
-Plastic stitch markers: make sure you buy the ones that can open or split, or else your marker will be crocheted in.

Source: jeanettejed on Etsy
Want something fancier than a safety pin? Make your own stitch marker:
With just a few bits like beads and wire, or recycled lobster claw clasp from old bracelets you don't wear anymore, you can create your own stitch marker.  Here are different websites with instructions:
-CrochetMe Blog
-C.W.Frosting handmade stitch marker tutorial (also includes instructions on how to make beads from a torn magazine page. Nice!)
-Dollar store crafts (make sure you follow the crochet marker instructions, not the ones for knitting)
-And even better, check out this smart idea by Etsy' jeanettejed. Add a numbered bead to get an all-in-one stitch and row counter.

I just use yarn, 'cause it's light and not in the way, but it's fun to make your own stuff sometimes.


Creative Chaos Art said...

I like to use a hair clip as a stitch marker, I did a post about it here:
I love the idea of numbered beads to count rows though! :)
Helen x

Virginia said...

Thanks, Helen. That's another great inexpensive idea.

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