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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Free Crochet Pattern Roundup: Coffee

It's seven in the morning and all I can think of that cup of Joe, so while mine is brewing, I thought I'd look up some coffee patterns.
My absolute favourite is Britanny's "You Made Me So Frappe", even though I generally drink black coffee.  The fabric paint looks exactly like syrup.
Free Ravelry download from BritannyJackson
This looks exactly like the cup of coffee I'm going to get...
but wait a second, look at the bottom!
Free pattern from The Left Side of Crochet
So, this is supposed to be a cup of tea, but minus the teabag and you'll have a great pattern for a cup of coffee.
Free pattern from Lion Brand Yarn
And looking for ways to decorate your coffee (you know those fancy frothed milk patterns?) Take inspiration from the following:
From Roses n Lilies
From Bitter Sweet
Mmm... Smells so good.  Thank you to all the above people who have shared their patterns online.


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