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Friday, August 24, 2012

Quick Tip: Single Crochet in Reverse (technique from tapestry crochet)

When I made my Neapolitan Ice Cream Popsicle, one thing that irked me was that the strawberry and vanilla parts are done in rounds, while the chocolate part has to be done in rows. Because doing rows involves turning, the back of the stitches will show up in alternate rows on the outside of the popsicle (the "right side" in crochet terms).
I tried to tell myself that the stitches look close enough, but I know they're not.

Here's how turning makes your piece look. Notice the ridges on the surface.

At that point, the only alternative way I could find is not to turn and just crochet with your other hand (left in my case) every other row. I tried, believe me, I tried, but my left hand just wasn't cooperating.

Today, I stumbled upon a video on flat tapestry crochet, and long and behold, there is a way that doesn't involve me trying to be ambidextrous.

Meet single crochet in reverse. 

All you have to do is that for the rows where you're working with the wrong side of the piece facing you, you insert the hook into the stitch from back to front, instead of the usual way.

Here's a demo from Toni Rexroat from CrochetMe:

And this is how your piece will look like (left), compared to the original (right):
Hurray! The stitches look the same on the right side.
I know I'm probably being too picky, but it can make a difference on an amigurumi. Anyway, just another technique for your consideration. Enjoy!


Iida said...

Wow, this is a very useful tip. Thank you for sharing!

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