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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Double Crochet Pattern:
Christmas and Stormtrooper Bell

Even though amigurumi is mainly made with single crochets, you do see patterns that require other stitches, like the double crochet, or "dc" in short.
How to do a double crochet:  video •  photo tutorial
If you're looking for a simple pattern to practise your double crochet, take a look at this simple five-minute Christmas Bell pattern by Handcrafted. Simple to make (they're not kidding about the five-minute part), you can use these bells for Christmas decorations, or a homemade wedding card.
On the website, you'll also find an angel bell, a variation of this pattern. Inspired by that, here's my Stormtrooper Bell.

I used the same pattern, but added a round of single crochet using the black yarn after Round 2. When the bell is done, I sewed the rest on using black yarn. It's alright I guess. Sometimes it looks like a stormtrooper. Sometimes it looks like nothing at all...
What else has a bell shape?


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