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Friday, August 16, 2013

Amigurumi Blog Directory

The amazing All About Ami has put together an amigurumi blog directory. Head over to her post to browse through all the different crocheters' work from around the world.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Crochet Halloween Costume:
Futurama Brain Slugs

Happy Halloween everyone!
Every year, I tried to convince my husband to dress up. He's not a fan. So when I saw these crochet brain slugs from Louie's Loops, I knew I had to make them because they'll be an easy and tolerable costume for a Futurama fan.
Thanks for sharing the pattern, Louie's Loops.
Is any part of your costume crocheted? Do share in the comments.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Quick Tip: Finding Both Yarn Ends of Your Skein

Stitch and Unwind has pointed out a useful video and instructions on how to find the two yarn ends of your skein on Take a look. (Another great tip they mentioned in the video is to pull both ends of a clump of tangled yarn to unwind it)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Quick Tip: Storing Bits of Yarn

Just want to share some great inexpensive ways to store yarn:

Cornflower Blue Studio makes use of clothespins to keep bits of left over yarn organized. You never know when you'll need just a bit of a colour.  Also make great decorations for your house I think.
Source: Cornflower Blue Studio
In Home Made Simple, they turn mason jars into yarn dispenser. Great when you're doing a project that carries colours and you need to keep everything separate. (Check out their other suggestions to repurpose jars)
Source: Home Made Simple
Apartment Therapy always has great ideas to enhance your space use and I really like the pocket idea for keeping your yarn organized.
Source: Apartment Therapy
How do you store and organize your yarn?  Do share in the comments.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Free Crochet Pattern Roundup: Pirates

Arrrr, today is International Talk like a Pirate day. Set sail with these free crochet patterns.
You need a crew. Here's pirate bear.
Free pattern from Crochet Me
And here's pirate duck.
Free pattern from jennyandteddy
If you can get Tony Tony Chopper on board, you're good to go.
Free pattern from Sasya
Your kids can join the crew
Free pattern from Red Heart
And of course there is a costume for you too, kid at heart.
Free pattern from Red Heart
Remember though when you're creating your look that people have a new idea of what pirates look like since this guy came along.
Free pattern from AH! Creations
Not ready to go full on pirate? Well, celebrate this fun day with a can cozy.
Free pattern from Lion Brand Yarn

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Made: Hello Kitty Crochet Hat

My first crochet hat: free pattern from Crochet in Color
I've been slacking off on my posting. Just got back to work and it's been tiring, but I'm still crocheting along to keep me in zen mode.
Never thought I would make anything Hello Kitty, since I've always been more of a Little Twin Stars girl, but  my first hat is a Hello Kitty one, using the free pattern shared by Crochet in Color (thanks!) and it always feels good to be able to do something for your friends. Don't you agree?
Anyway, I would love some advice on how you determine the size and when to stop increasing. My first attempt, even though it seemed to be measured right, was way too big, so big that it fits me, even though I was aiming for a toddler hat. Now I'm waiting to hear if my second attempt fits or not. Crossing my fingers.
Here are some other free Hello Kitty crochet hat patterns I found: Inspirednest.caCrochet Creative Creations

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Made: Crochet Owl Applique

Love the Little Bird has an easy photo tutorial on how to make this cute owl.  Lately I've seen a lot of stuff that involves an owl applique.

Here is an edging to a granny square piece:
Source:  ATERGcrochet on Etsy
How about an owl in a granny square:
Source: Petals to Picots
And look at this amazing bag: