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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Watch: How to Crochet Crocodile Stitch

Video by Mikey and the Crochet Crowd
Thank you for creating these great tutorials!

Having learned some of the usual stitches, I want to challenge myself and try something different
The crocodile stitch (sometimes known as mermaid tears) is a really interesting looking stitch that creates what looks like scales. It's time consuming though (compounded by the fact that I'm new and slow), since you have to do a base row first, and then put the scales "on top" of it. However, this crocodile stitch is fun to do and definitely worth your time.

Learning the crocodile stitch: Many have commented on how it can take a while to figure out the crocodile stitch, but this wonderful video tutorial from Mikey and the Crochet Crowd explains things really well. As usual, there are lots of similar videos showing you how to do the stitch so watch a few different ones to find the instruction that makes the most sense to you.

What can you make with crocodile stitches?  Most common things I've seen include scarves, purses, wrist/neckwarmers, shawls and hats, but me being not a big fan of pretty things, the following creations are more much inspiring for me.  I'm going to work on a few things with my new skill in the next few days.  Let see if I can make it work.
Berry Hat from Craftsy

Chain Mail on Craftzine
Craftsy's booties pattern
Eagle Hat from Creative Jewish Mom

Crochetme's Christmas Tree (free pattern)
What else can you think of that can use some crocodile stitches? Please share your ideas and suggestions.


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