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Monday, July 30, 2012

Free Crochet Pattern Roundup:
5 Summer Amigurumi

How's the weather over where you are? It's hot here, and the sun is shining almost everyday.
Free pattern from Yellow, Pink and Sparkly
This bear knows how to take a break from the heat waves.
Free pattern from Red Heart
Maybe he'll meet a beautiful jellyfish.
Free pattern from PlumCakePudding
Watch out for this little pincer guy though.
Free pattern from Nareeoo
And if you're going to join Bear at the beach, don't forget to grab your sandals
Free pattern from Lovely Little Life


Anonymous said...

The jellyfish is spectacular! nice, original, different from animals we use to made for children... I love it. I try to follow your link to find the pattern but they ask me to sign in and I don't have a account. I have looked on the website how to make an account but I havn't found it. Could you please help me to reach this pattern?
Thanks by advance

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