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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Quick Tip: Storing Bits of Yarn

Just want to share some great inexpensive ways to store yarn:

Cornflower Blue Studio makes use of clothespins to keep bits of left over yarn organized. You never know when you'll need just a bit of a colour.  Also make great decorations for your house I think.
Source: Cornflower Blue Studio
In Home Made Simple, they turn mason jars into yarn dispenser. Great when you're doing a project that carries colours and you need to keep everything separate. (Check out their other suggestions to repurpose jars)
Source: Home Made Simple
Apartment Therapy always has great ideas to enhance your space use and I really like the pocket idea for keeping your yarn organized.
Source: Apartment Therapy
How do you store and organize your yarn?  Do share in the comments.


Creative Chaos Art said...

I really like that jar idea, I can't seem to get enough jars atm for storage! As for my wool collection, it's all just shoved in 2 big plastic boxes... Better than when I had it in random bags everywhere though!
Helen x

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